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Holla at you girl! I'm so glad you're here!

Nice to meet you, I'm Dev (but seriously, let’s actually meet up face to face, I’d like that). I am an intimate lifestyle photographer based out of Bozeman, MT. My mission is to unapologetically empower the infinite beauty, worth and value of women. - straight up.  I love photography cause it’s all about connection; making connections with human beings. I am all about women breaking traditions and doing things their own way.

Let’s get to know each other. Perhaps you are thinking I got this sexy lifestyle down due to the fact that well, you know, I’m a “boudoir” photographer - HA, nah girl! I don’t have a closet full of lingerie. I don’t get spray tans on the reg. My makeup isn’t flawless everyday. I’m most likely in my workout gear, my hair is half thrown up, I’m headed into the mountains, snuggling with my pup, camping with my husband, busting out mid dance in the kitchen, and/or spending time with humans I love around a campfire or dinner table.

I keep these photoshoots close to me. Close to me in the way that it takes a completely different type of energy + emotional care to pour out to who I am photographing in this setting. It’s so different + precious every single time. I love the connection I make with every single woman. But I also love the way they take a chance to trust me, just for a little while so they can see their beauty in the way I see them. Which is to see them like I would see my best friend, my sister, my girl, my homeeeeee GIRL!! I love this time. And I love making these women feel good in their skin.

However you are wanting your boudoir session documented, it's worth being captured in a way that will bring back all the feels for years to come, I want you to look back on these photos and feel the awesome-ness that you felt during this experience for you entire life!

Boudoir's primary intent is not just for the private enjoyment of a romantic spouse, but rather for a woman to view herself in a real, raw and powerful way. This reflection of inner confidence is depicted in, to be short - bad ass images. This is a two way relationship. I want this to be way more than just the photos you will get at the end of this, I want this to be an unforgettable, meaningful experience that is impossible for you to kick under the rug and forget from start to finish. I want you to carry this new found confidence to every darn place you go and every single person you meet.

We are not going to do some fake, unrealistic version of who you are. No way dude. We are going to go wayyy beyond that. Say peace out to the awkward, stiff poses that make you feel anything but comfortable. We are going to have some fun documenting the real, full-fledge, beautiful you. Wherever you are at in your life right now, it deserves to be remembered. Let's capture it together, completely raw and fiercely.