Where to Shoot?!

Hey ladies!

I thrive off of connection, I want you to feel like I am there for you from the very beginning, not just as a photographer, but as a friend, sister and teammate. I’m your girl!! From the minute you book to the minute you receive your online gallery, I’m there for you. How can I ease your mind? How can I help you feel your absolute darn best self during your session? What song do we need to play so you can channel your inner best bad as self?! Do we need to take a mini break in the middle of the session to grab brunch? Girl, let’s do it. I’m here to serve you. I’m here to connect with you, and be your biggest support. Consider me to be your go-to girl. Whatever you need.

You need coffee, your fav smoothie, a mimosa during our shoot? I’ll bring it. Want me to pick up mascara that you forgot to bring to the shoot? Got it. Did your dog get hair all over your favorite blanket or sweater you were going to bring to the shoot? Don’t worry, lint roller is already in my photog emergency kit. Do you need lotion on those dry legs?! I got that too! I’ll tell you to fix your hair if it’s in your face, and I’ll let you know if your face is getting smudged and if we need to do a mid session dance break to loosen things up. I’m in there for you and will totally join in on the dance party.

So! One of the most common questions I get from the very beginning is “Where should we shoot?! Do you have any location ideas?!” Heck yes I have location ideas! Not only do I invite you to think about awesome locations yourself, I have some in my back pocket just in case. I have put together a list below some of the places I have shot at so far as well as places on my dream list to shoot at in the future!! *Please note I am down to hear your ideas too, I guarantee you we can make the location you think is impossible - POSSIBLE. So let’s dive in.


Hotels + businesses:

Airbnb’s + Rentals:

  • Bear Canyon Bunkhouse
    This place is the cutest Bunkhouse located in Bear Canyon. Modern meets historic Bozeman, it’s a total dream. This location has great opportunities for indoor and outdoor shots.

  • Papa’s Treehouse
    Who wants to do a girls sleepover, like seriously tho!?!! In the woods. No electricity. Think glowy lights, lots of pillows. Do you need more convincing.

  • Pine Creek Lodge
    Summer time vibes in their cutttteeeee modern rooms?! YES, YES, YES!

  • Beautiful Bozeman Bound
    Bright natural lighting, big windows with a warm modern feel.


  • Hyalite Canyon/Reservoir
    For reals though, this is my go-to outdoor location, all around opportunity for those of you willing to take a dip, climb a mountain, be in the forest or stand under a waterfall all within 20 minutes of town!

  • Storm Castle Trail Head
    About a 40 minute drive from Bozeman, this location has great access to rivers, campsites and forest mountain vibes.

  • Bear Canyon
    Roughly 15 minutes from downtown Bozeman, this is a great quick little getaway to the mountains and rolling foothills with not a person in sight. Well, maybe one or two people, but I’m pretty good at being sneaky at this point.

  • Bridger Mountains
    You can see more of my photoshoot at this location with Carling Peck by clicking here!

  • Triple Tree Trail Head
    This is a highly populated trail, but at dusk the rolling hills and views of the Bridgers are to die for. Don’t you want to frolic in rolling hills during sunset? I thought so.

  • Big Sky Canyon
    Endless opportunities for trailheads, mountain backdrops, etc.

  • Ousel Falls
    A very highly trafficked area, but could be super dreamy and less high traffic during sunrise/sunset with dusk glowly light and water. Can we even imagine the sexy water pics? I mean come on…

  • Palisade Falls
    This could be prettyyyy daring as this is a highly trafficked area in Hyalite Canyon, but could be super epic in the winter time when the Falls is frozen.

  • Boiling River
    Early morning sunrise/foggy/steamy session anyone?

  • Goldbug Hot Springs
    Road trip! Like seriously this place looks beyond epic. It’s about a 2 mile hike in until you find the prettiest mini natural hot springs.

I hope you find this list helpful! If you have any suggestions or location ideas please fill free to share them with me. And don’t forget your home is always an option as well. As I continue to shoot and find new locations I will add them here for your convenience.