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“It’s not often you meet other women and instantly feel free to be totally transparent with them. That is Devin. Her zeal for life is infectious and you simply can’t help become a bit more badass in her presence. I have done two photo shoots with Devin, pre-pregnancy and mid pregnancy. Both crazy empowering. For the first time I really saw myself...the beauty my husband sees, the beauty in how I was made and the beauty of making a wee human. It was transforming in the most amazing ways. Thank you Devin for being a cup filler and capturing my at my truest self.”

“Devin is an absolute rockstar! From pre shoot communication to post, she does it all with ease and warmth. I’ve never felt so welcome by someone. I also never thought I’d ever do a boudoir photoshoot, but I’m so glad i did! I believe every woman should experience it. Feeling confident in your own skin in front of a camera is life changing! And when you get the photos back...be prepared to shed a tear. You’ll never feel so happy! She coaches you through it all and is open to anything you want to do as well! Thank you Dev!”

“Devin is a pro at what she does. Boudoir can make the most secure person feel weird and nervous, but she comes into the shoot with full confidence that you are going to be amazing. It’s classy and entirely about your personality and comfort level. She is calm, energetic, and makes the entire experience feel like no big deal. Except then you get you photos and they are kind of a big deal. The experience felt like sitting on my bed chatting with a friend and then suddenly had some bomb photos of myself. Magic.”

“Working with Devin was above and beyond what I could have expected. Her personality is fun, empowering, and easy going. I was nervous about my session and the pictures I would get after, but I had so much fun and felt so beautiful both during and after my session. I love the pictures and have some of them on display in my room to remind myself how beautiful I am as an empowered woman. I will continue to recommend Devin to everyone who is looking to take stunning boudoir photos!!”