.01 what is boudoir?

Unapologetically empowering the infinite
beauty, worth, + value of women.


[boo-dwahr] noun

A women's bedroom or private sitting room.
Origin of boudoir; 1775-85 French: < literally a sulking place. 

the worlds definition

Boudoir is a photographic style featuring romantic, and overly sexualized images of women in a bedroom or private environment, primarily intended for the pleasure of his or her romantic partner.

my definition

Unapologetically empowering the infinite beauty, worth, + value of women. Boudoir is rooted from powerful womanly confidence. Its primary intent is not just for the private enjoyment of a romantic spouse, but rather for a woman to view herself in a real, raw, vulnerable, + powerful way. This reflection of inner confidence is depicted in, to be short, - BA images.