.04 faq

hold up. I have a few questions first.


What should I wear?

First thing I always tell my clients is, wear pieces that make you feel comfortable and beautiful. Whatever that means for you. Whether it’s lingerie, a chunky sweaters, a leather jacket, your favorite dress, or a flannel; don't forget to stay true to your personal style. If you feel awesome then your photos will be awesome.

How many pieces should i bring?

Around 3-5 different pieces is normally a great amount I always suggest having a matching base you can throw accessories over; a solid color underwear and bra works well for this. But the rest is up to you...teddies, slips, your own skin, pieces you love in your closet are great! While my personal style is less is more, you can, however, bring extra accessories like scarfs, flower crowns, or your favorite earrings as well. 

so uhm, is nude a thing?

All my boudoir sessions are photographed tastefully and as an art-form. I never want to push my clients to do anything they’re not comfortable with. I do ask that you trust me, to create beautiful, natural images that make you feel your very best. While most women are uneasy at first, these are always the images they end up loving, but please know there is also zero pressure. This is about what you want.

Whats your stance on retouching?

If you wake up the morning of your session with a zit on your face, rest assured we can zap that rascal out. All the images you receive will be naturally edited, high resolution images. I will smooth out obvious blemishes, but I don't alter who you are - I will not slim your arms, and I won't make you a size two. This experience is about celebrating yourself and embracing your true authentic beauty at where you are at in life now; they're about being you and owning it! Raw, real, beautifully un-retouched you. My rule is non-permanent things like acne, bruises, cuts, etc., let's fix. Anything else, let's celebrate.

Should I get my hair + makeup professionally done?

For some of my clients, getting their hair and makeup done means one less thing for them to worry about. They feel beautiful and confident and it shows! It's completely up to you.

Do I need to be in a relationship to do a boudoir shoot? 

Absolutely not! Boudoir is rooted from a powerful womanly confidence, and that confidence comes from within you, not someone else.  

Where do you typically have the sessions?

Don't worry about having a perfect space, I can work with just about any location, as long as we have pretty light to work with! Clean, minimal spaces with lots of natural light are best. Other great options are renting out local Airbnb’s, a hotel room, or shooting outside. You can check out my blog post all about locations by clicking here.

i noticed there are photos of women on your insta + website. Will you share my images too?

Out of respect for my clients privacy I only share images of women when they grant me permission. This is an extremely intimate experience and I by no means will cross any boundaries by showing your session all over the internet. Once you receive your gallery you have the option to tell me which images you are comfortable with me sharing - or if you even want any images shared at all! Zero pressure. 

Have more questions?! Check out my blog to get all those nervous thoughts put to ease.