.01 what is boudoir?

Unapologetically empowering the infinite
beauty, worth, + value of women.


[boo-dwahr] noun

A women's bedroom or private sitting room.
Origin of boudoir; 1775-85 French: < literally a sulking place. 

the worlds definition

Boudoir is a photographic style featuring romantic, and overly sexualized images of women in a bedroom or private environment, primarily intended for the pleasure of his or her romantic partner.

my definition

Unapologetically empowering the infinite beauty, worth, + value of women. Boudoir is rooted from powerful womanly confidence. Its primary intent is not just for the private enjoyment of a romantic spouse, but rather for a woman to view herself in a real, raw, vulnerable, + powerful way. This reflection of inner confidence is depicted in, to be short, - BA images.


.02 About



Hey! I'm so glad you're here!

Whether you found me on Instagram or through a friend I am so glad you are here. My name is Devin, but all my friends call me Dev.

First, it’s important we get to know each other to make sure we’re a good fit because trust me, it matters. I’ll go first. I am a full time boudoir and lifetsyle photographer, and barre, cycling instructor. I have been traveling from a really young age and I haven’t yet shaken the urge to discover more. My husband has a heart of gold; I’m so lucky we get to be a team together. Breakfast is my favorite meal. And most days I am already up for the sunrise with a cup of coffee and my dog by my side.

Perhaps you are thinking I got this sexy lifestyle down due to the fact that well… I’m a boudoir photographer - nah girl! I don’t have a closet full of lingerie. I don’t get spray tans on the reg. My makeup isn’t flawless everyday. I’m most likely in my workout gear, my hair is thrown up, I’m headed into the mountains, snuggling with my pup and camping with my husband, busting out mid dance in the kitchen, and spending time with humans I love around a campfire or dinner table.

I intentionally try to practice a balanced life. One of the ways I do that is by getting outside and away from technology. It’s a real thing to fight for these days.

I keep these photoshoots close to me. Close to me in the way that it takes a completely different type of energy + emotional care to pour out to who I am photographing in this setting. I love the connection I make with every single woman. But I also love the way my clients take a chance to trust me. Which is to see them like I would see my best friend, my sister, my girl, my home girl! I love making these women feel good in their skin.

We are not going to do some fake, unrealistic version of who you are. No way. We are going to go wayyy beyond that. Peace out to the awkward, stiff poses that make you feel anything but comfortable. We are going to have some fun documenting the real you. Wherever you are at in your life right now, it deserves to be remembered. Let's capture it together, completely raw and fiercely. 


.03 testimonials



“It’s not often you meet other women and instantly feel free to be totally transparent with them. That is Devin. Her zeal for life is infectious and you simply can’t help become a bit more badass in her presence. I have done two photo shoots with Devin, pre-pregnancy and mid pregnancy. Both crazy empowering. For the first time I really saw myself...the beauty my husband sees, the beauty in how I was made and the beauty of making a wee human. It was transforming in the most amazing ways. Thank you Devin for being a cup filler and capturing my at my truest self.”

“Devin is an absolute rockstar! From pre shoot communication to post, she does it all with ease and warmth. I’ve never felt so welcome by someone. I also never thought I’d ever do a boudoir photoshoot, but I’m so glad i did! I believe every woman should experience it. Feeling confident in your own skin in front of a camera is life changing! And when you get the photos back...be prepared to shed a tear. You’ll never feel so happy! She coaches you through it all and is open to anything you want to do as well! Thank you Dev!”

“Devin is a pro at what she does. Boudoir can make the most secure person feel weird and nervous, but she comes into the shoot with full confidence that you are going to be amazing. It’s classy and entirely about your personality and comfort level. She is calm, energetic, and makes the entire experience feel like no big deal. Except then you get you photos and they are kind of a big deal. The experience felt like sitting on my bed chatting with a friend and then suddenly had some bomb photos of myself. Magic.”

“Working with Devin was above and beyond what I could have expected. Her personality is fun, empowering, and easy going. I was nervous about my session and the pictures I would get after, but I had so much fun and felt so beautiful both during and after my session. I love the pictures and have some of them on display in my room to remind myself how beautiful I am as an empowered woman. I will continue to recommend Devin to everyone who is looking to take stunning boudoir photos!!”


.04 faq

hold up. I know you have a few questions first.


Where are you based? Do you travel?

I am based in beautiful Bozeman, Montana! I do travel! All travel costs, including mileage, airfare, hotel & rental car (if applicable) are covered by the client. However, please inquire for a custom quote.

Do I need to be in a relationship to do a boudoir shoot? 

Absolutely not! Boudoir is rooted from a powerful womanly confidence, and that confidence comes from within you, not someone else.  

How many images can I expect from my session?

The number of images varies from person to person and depending on the package you choose. I will choose the best images from the shoot. My hope is that you would trust me to capture our time together to the best that I can and I would choose the utmost best images from our time together. I promise you will have more than enough! Quality over quantity.

What should I wear?

First thing I always tell my clients is, wear pieces that make you feel comfortable and beautiful. Whatever that means for you. Whether it’s lingerie, a chunky sweaters, a leather jacket, your favorite dress, or a flannel; don't forget to stay true to your personal style. If you feel awesome then your photos will be awesome.

so uhm, is nude a thing?

All my boudoir sessions are photographed tastefully and as an art-form. I never want to push my clients to do anything they’re not comfortable with. I do ask that you trust me, to create beautiful, natural images that make you feel your very best. While most women are uneasy at first, these are always the images they end up loving, but please know there is also zero pressure. This is about what you want.

When can we expect our gallery?

I always send out sneak peaks within a week after the session. You can expect the rest anywhere between 2-3 weeks. If for some reason it would be longer; due to travel, or my busy season I will always inform you ahead of time.

Whats your stance on retouching?

If you wake up the morning of your session with a zit on your face, rest assured we can zap that rascal out. All the images you receive will be naturally edited, high resolution images. I will smooth out obvious blemishes, but I don't alter who you are - I will not slim your arms, and I won't make you four sizes smaller. This experience is about celebrating yourself and embracing your true authentic beauty at where you are at in life now; they're about being you and owning it! Raw, real, beautifully un-retouched you. My rule is non-permanent things like acne, bruises, cuts, etc., let's fix. Anything else, let's celebrate.

Should I get my hair + makeup professionally done?

For some of my clients, getting their hair and makeup done means one less thing for them to worry about. They feel beautiful and confident and it shows! It's completely up to you.

Where do you typically have the sessions?

Indoors + outdoors! For indoors; clean, minimal spaces with lots of natural light are best. Other options are renting out local Airbnb’s, a hotel room, or (my favorite) shooting outside. You can check out my blog post for more location ideas here.

i noticed there are photos of women on your insta + website. Will you share my images too?

Out of respect for my clients privacy I share images of women that have granted me permission. This is an extremely intimate experience and I by no means will cross any boundaries by showing your body all over the internet. 

Do you offer any discounted rateS?


Trust me. I know you’ve got more questions! Click below to read more or always fill free to contact me!


.05 contact

lets make it happen


Feeling ready to book? Or maybe you need a little more details. Either way, you're considering me to capture a season of your life and I don't take it lightly. Collections start at $695, for more details, inquire below.

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